Bitmex Liquidation Zones for TradingView

This script written for TradingView using Pinescript calculates the forced liquidation price for the volume weighted average price of a certain candle for leverages of 25x,50x and 100x


//Made by André Couto
study(“Liquidation Range Bands for XBT collateralized”, overlay=true)
src = vwap
plot((src*100)/(0.995*100+1), style=circles, title=”L100″,color=yellow, linewidth=4)
plot((src*50)/(0.995*50+1), style=circles, title=”L50″, color=purple, linewidth=4)
plot((src*25)/(0.995*25+1), style=circles, title=”L25″, linewidth=4)
plot((-src*100)/(-1.005*100+1), style=circles, title=”S100″, color=yellow, linewidth=4)
plot((-src*50)/(-1.005*50+1), style=circles, title=”S50″,color=purple, linewidth=4)
plot((-src*25)/(-1.005*25+1), style=circles, title=”S25″, linewidth=4)

Colors, thickness and shape can be changed via the Indicator Style Menu

[Outdated] Arbitrage Excel Sheet

This Excel Sheet uses the Binance and Bitfinex API to search for the same coin symbol while also taking into account its pair and using CMC API to get the average price for that pair.

It then compares both and displays the price difference in percentage (after Taker Fees), Volume on Bitfinex (since it’s normally the exchange with the least liquidity out of the two) and current spread compared to Binance’s Orderbook on Bitfinex for market-making purposes.